Wednesday, May 1, 2013

19 months

Annelise has just reached 19 months yesterday, and she's been such a big girl lately.

One of the funniest things she's been doing lately is saying "no!" to whatever situation she can come up with. If she does something bad, like throw her food or dishes on the ground from off her high chair, she'll realize she wasn't supposed to do it, and says "no!". She'll ask for a piggy back ride to go downstairs, then we'll get ready to pull her up, and she walks away saying, "no!". And if we tell her about anything else, she'll copy us right away, not always stopping whatever we're telling her not to do.

She's getting better at putting things away. This is something we've had to work on, and I think we'll continually need to work on. We have a song we learned in Kindermusik about putting our toys away:
Let's put our toys away,
put our toys away,
away, away, away,
we put our toys away.
All done!
So now whenever we put away toys, I'll sing that song, and she'll sing "away, away, away!" with me. :)

Her favorite Kindermusik song, or little poem to music piece, is "Shoe a little horse, shoe a little mare, but let the little colt go bare, bare, bare!" She goes crazy with excitement when it comes on in the car, and even sang along with the "bare, bare, bare!" part once! This video was the second time through the song, so she didn't squeal with excitement like she did the first time, but you can see she still loves it! I love how her head bobbles around since car seats don't really allow for much dancing... ;)

She's figured out how to get you to go places with her. She'll grab your finger or hand, pull you up from wherever you are, and just start walking! She had first figured this out when I was laying on the floor resting, and she pulled my hair up and eventually I would get up with her. I really like when she takes my finger or hand, though. :) We've been working on the whole, holding hands in public places, thing lately. She's so independent that she HATES holding our hands in Target, or any other open area where she's able to walk. [Oh, and she's learned the word "walk", sounds like "ahk!"] If she gets tired of holding our finger, we'll hold her hand to hold her up. We have to hold her up because when she doesn't want us holding her hand, she goes completely limp, and would probably hurt herself falling down if we didn't let her go down softly.

When she's done with her nap, and she's waiting for us to come get her, sometimes she's throw all her bed things out of her crib. Everything except, of course, her Pooh bear. Pooh bear gets special treatment, see. He's her favorite right now, though she also loves her pink musical giraffe, her fluffy puppy doggy, her firefox (red panda), Blue, little sheep, and her lion. She loves to make the lion roar! But all of those guys (plus her blankets) get kicked to the curb while her Pooh bear is always in her hands when we get her out of the crib.