Monday, February 20, 2012


We have a small white board on our refrigerator. It used to be for writing small notes or goofy pictures on. Now it is for something entirely more awesome:

The blue is written in wet erase marker so it stays up there all the time but could still be changed if we wanted it to. The greyish/black word is dry erase, and changes almost daily! It's so fun!

Friday, February 17, 2012


(20 weeks old today!)

Annelise is actually a really good sleeper. The only time she struggles is when we've kept her up for too long or there's been too much activity around her.

Usually she'll go to bed between 7-9, usually closer to 7 if we can get her fed and settled down by then. Sometimes it's closer to 9 if we're out somewhere like our small group Bible study. Though she usually falls asleep half way through that on our small group host's bed. Apparently she likes it there and falls asleep really quickly! :) Most days she'll stay asleep until somewhere between 5-6, which is around when I wake up, so it's pretty much perfect. She has her random days where she'll make daddy get up at 11pm or so, but she usually just needs her pacifier or flipped back over to her back. She's pretty consistent in sleeping all night long! I don't know how we got so lucky.  :)

Recently, we've noticed that she likes to sleep on her side cuddled up by her Winnie-the-Pooh doll that's almost the same size as her, just slightly smaller. For awhile after she learned how to roll over, she kept rolling sometime in her sleep and then waking up from it and getting all frustrated. So to combat that issue, we put her Pooh doll on her left side. She still only rolls to the left, and hasn't figured out how to go right yet. I'm sure she will soon, though, she's a smartie. So now when she goes to bed, we'll put Pooh next to her. Then she'll start rolling over, but realize Pooh is there! Then grab onto his paw and lay on her side while she's hugging him. It's completely adorable. I tried to take a picture, but of course, it's in the dark because the light might wake her up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Annelise has started eating some foods. Or rather, kind of letting them dribble into her mouth and letting some/most of it go down into her throat.

At Annelise's 4 month check up at the doctor, we got the go ahead to start on some solids. The first week would be rice or oatmeal cereal made with formula or breastmilk, the week after that would be orange veggies like squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots, and the week after that would be green veggies like peas and broccoli. Once she gets through all of those, then she can have fruits. Because fruits are the best. And if we start on those, she'll never want anything else!

So the next day, I went to Wal-Mart and bought both rice and oatmeal cereal. I wasn't sure which one would be good, and they're pretty cheap, so I just bought both! I also had to buy spoons for her since all of ours are much too big for her cute little baby mouth. I figured I could probably get by without special baby bowls for now, so I didn't get any of those. We had received a pile of bibs from Mark's parents before she was born, which I'm grateful for now! (We go through those like crazy! I need to get some more...) I also bought 2 little jars of sweet potatoes, 3 little jars of carrots, 1 jar of turkey and turkey broth, and 1 jar of beef and beef broth. I actually have no idea when I'm okay to start feeding her meats, but they were in that "Stage 1" category, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. That's everything I got, I think. I still need to go back for the green veggies. Not sure how I missed those...

Next step: I had to figure out how to make up this cereal stuff. 1 tablespoon of cereal to 4 ounces of  milk? Or something like that. I just kinda mixed it up until it was about the consistency of the stuff that's in the "stage 1" jars of food. Then I warmed it just slightly, tested it to make sure it wouldn't be too hot, and got ready to go. We set Annelise in her little bouncy seat, put a bib on her, and began the process. A little bit on the spoon, and took it to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth. I put the spoon in, and at first, she kinda took some. But of course, she spit it all back out. She made a funny yucky face, or maybe it was confusion? Either way, she was definitely not sure about this mode of eating. We kept at it, though, and actually, she was doing fairly well for her first time. No fingers in her mouth or anything! Probably about half of it dribbled down onto the bib, but half stayed in! Woo!

We did this maybe 2 or 3 more times over the course of a week before Daddy decided it was time for sweet potatoes. Now, I wasn't witness to the first time she had them, so I can't comment on that. But when I did get to feed her sweet potatoes for the first time... it was SO much FUN! I put about a third of what was in the little jar into the bowl (she still gets filled up mostly by milk, the food is just for practice and to get used to new flavors right now), warmed it up, and got Annelise ready again. We started out just like with the rice cereals, but this time, she was much more excited! She opened up her mouth and had almost no problem eating up the food! I had to keep scraping a little bit off her bottom lip, but as long as I didn't put too much on the spoon at a time, she pretty much ate all of it without spitting it out! She even had big giant smiles while she was eating it! She seriously loved the stuff. Ate all of what I had made, and wanted more! I put the last third of the jar into the bowl, warmed it, and she ate the rest! It was pretty amazing.

We've since tried carrots, but she doesn't like those quite as much. She puts her fingers in her mouth a lot more often during the carrot times. We're still working on getting her to try some other foods, but we're pretty content with just every once in awhile trying solids at this point. It's just practice, and she does a good job eating, but it doesn't seem like she really needs to eat them twice a day at this point. It's fun, but also a lot of work getting everything ready. And to get cleaned up after. But it'll only get more fun and time-consuming as she gets older, right? ;)

Sidenote: I'm considering making my own pureed veggies. Anyone out there I know do that? Is it worth it? Although, I'm kinda liking the little jars baby food comes in... so many pinterest projects come to mind that I can make with them...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months!

Quick update!

Annelise is 4 months old today. We went to the pediatrician this morning for her 4 month well visit. She weighs 14 lbs and 9.5 ounces. That's about 3 more lbs than last time, so she's growing well! She's 24 inches long. She got all her recommended shots and took them awesomely, even though there were a few tears. She also rolled at least 6 times during the visit, all of which happened while we were waiting for doctors or nurses in her patient room. She got too shy around them to show off her talking, rolling, and raspberry making skills! Her doctor did pull her up to seated position, though; Annelise is awesome at sitting up. :)

And our pediatrician said she's been given the go-ahead for starting on cereal! We'll probably get a little of both rice and oatmeal cereal to see which she likes better. And then if she takes that fairly well, we get to try veggies next week! And fruits the week after that! I'm excited to see her face while trying all those new foods. I hope she likes them and actually lets some of the food go inside her instead of all over her face!