Sunday, March 25, 2012

The newest things that make me smile

Things I find funny about Annelise right now:

She actually loves her bulb syringe I use for cleaning out her nose from the little boogies. She thinks the noise the syringe makes is funny, and seems to like the feeling of air being sucked out of her nose.

She'll sit in my lap pretty well while I'm doing anything (like typing a blog post), but leans forward to touch or grab whatever is close to in front of her. Yesterday she kept pushing the control button on the keyboard so things kept messing up while I was typing!

Anything she can grab goes in her mouth. So much slobbering!

Toes now reach her mouth. The toe nomming is hilarious.

Whenever she's hungry, she now makes either a "bah-bah-buh-bah-buh-buh..." noise, or a "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma..." noise. I'm guessing she means either "bottle" or "milk"... or maybe "mommy"? Either way, I'm assuming she's brilliant.

Her current favorite songs are the Alphabet, If All the Raindrops..., and Little Bunny Foo Foo. She particularly loves when I open my mouth and make the "ah-ah" noises for the goodies in the "All the Raindrops" song (I don't really know what it's called, but all the raindrops are lemon drops and gum drops.) :)

She loves bouncing on my tummy! She sits on my tummy while I bounce her up and down... she thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

All the jumping in her jumperoo! It's so hilarious how hard she jumps; sometimes I think the whole thing might just collapse in on her!

Her facial expressions. She makes awesome ones right now, and for seemingly no particular reason. Either disgusted, confused, or weirded-out are my favorites.

I'm sure there are a zillion other things that I can't think of right now, but I just thought I'd get these down for now! Life's getting more hectic as we're getting ready to move again. The packing has begun this weekend! There are gonna be so many boxes...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So curious

Lately, I've noticed that Annelise seems even more curious than she's been in her life so far. The way she'll reach her arms out and touch and hold different parts of our faces and hair is so cute. She's also poked us in our eyes several times, pinched noses, pulled hairs out, and grabbed the inside of our mouths at the teeth. I'm hesitant to ever wear dangly earrings again...

She's becoming much more interested in her toys, too. She has those rainbow stacking rings, and has been loving reaching out and knocking them over. With her Jumperoo, in the last couple weeks she is finally actually doing the things she's supposed to do with the toys - spinning the lizard rattle, batting at the soft toys hanging above her, and lifting the little bug up and down with the weird springy green attachment. (I don't get that toy... but I guess it's meant to just throw around and not fall off?) She also has this really cool music table thing that's got 4 piano keys in bright colors, a rattle that sings to you when you spin it, a sliding trombone thing, and so many other cool stuff on it. She's really only interested in the bright piano keys right now, but she likes listening to the alphabet song, and all the other songs that play when she spins the rattle! I'm not sure when she's supposed to figure out cause and effect, but it seems like she's starting understand it a bit with her toys!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Five months!

Annelise is five months old! We don't own a scale, so I'm not sure how much she weighs, and I'd have to get a ruler and paper out to measure her... perhaps an update for that will come later. I dunno. But she's awesome! And that's all you need to know.

Last update I think I said that Annelise just learned how to roll. Well, she's awesome at it now, and hates when she isn't allowed to roll over after eating. She just throws everything up if she's on her tummy too soon! Totally defeats the purpose of having eaten.

Anyway, she's getting super awesome at rolling, but still only likes to roll to her left. The other day while on a web cam chat with Mark's parents, I think she had just eaten and we didn't want her to roll yet. So we were trying to keep her entertained and still, but she was determined to roll through us anyway! She worked up enough momentum that she rolled all the way over from back to back! It was really impressive, and I'm pretty sure she was shocked with herself. She just kinda looked at the ceiling, not trying to roll anymore for a second. I think she quickly realized that she wasn't on her tummy, and then tried to roll again. She's rolled a handful of times to her right, but she doesn't really like to roll that way.

When she's on her tummy, she now knows how to lift herself up with her arms. She used to just body surf with her arms flailing up behind her. Her arms are always wide spread and crazy looking like that. Like she's Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music running through the fields. She also does a lot of kicking, but she hasn't quite figured out how to make her legs help her move effectively yet. Oh, she does know how to rotate herself around with her arms! She's pretty slow, but she's still just getting the hang of using her arms as functional tools rather than random appendages.

She's also gotten much better at sitting and standing. We still have to hold her up while doing either, but there's a lot less holding "up" and more just holding steady. She likes to lean onto her music table toy while standing and press the different noise-making buttons. :)

Oh, and a couple weeks back she started becoming quite interested in holding her feet. She's definitely got ticklish feet. I like to poke or nom-nom at them while she's in her swing, and she always retracts her legs into a crossed legged position, but then puts them back out again while smiling the whole time. She loves it!